Specifications - URI Definition

Basic Specification

Network host of Control Server is normally “localhost (”. Its port is decided by port property written in config.json. (Default value is 17264.)

The server provides REST API. Thus, anyone can use each resource and command using following syntax.

<VERSION> is string of API version. Basically its keeps pace to major version of the application. (For-instance: In ControlServer_Win_v2.0.1, <VERSION> is v2.)

Returned JSON Format When Get a Resource

When you create GET request, the server returns JSON like below.

Returned JSON Format When a Command Runs

When you create HTTP request (not GET) or call each command, the server returns JSON like below.

Resources List

Command-line Stream (cmdstream)

Could be gotten WebSocket based stream resource that controls PLEN.

Sending command name and each argument with / (slash) as separator, you can call directly commands implemented by Python. (See also…)

Returned value is stringified returned value on Python runtime environment.

Motion (motions)

Could be gotten motion resource that defines PLEN’s movement. Please set slot number you want to access to <SLOT:integer>.

HTTP Request Operation
GET Get a motion resource.
DELETE Delete a motion resource. (Overwrite empty motion actually.)
PUT Overwrite a motion resource.
Commands Operation
play Play a motion.
stop Stop a motion.

Version Information (version)

Could be gotten version information resource.

HTTP Request Operation
GET Get version information of PLEN.

Construction Information of the Server (metadata)

Could be gotten server information resources below.

  • API version
  • Required firmware version of PLEN
HTTP Request Operation
GET Get construction information of the server.

Commands List (Doable by Itself)

Connect to PLEN (connect)

Disconnect from PLEN (disconnect)