Robonoid is a small sized bipedal walking robot

The robot has 18 freely moveable joints and servomotor in order to provide for a range of action and stable movements. Since it’s small in size, Robonoid can balance well and cope with basic movements such as walking and getting up. Also, intricate movements like roller skating and skateboarding are possible.

Robonoid is a wireless controllable robot

You can control it by bluetooth protocol through your PC and Smartphones. App for android “Scenography” and app for iOS “Robonoid Connect” are an especially intelligible UI. By using it, complicated operations can be controlled more easily.

Robonoid is a friendly robot

Robonoid was named from the word plain meaning simple and plain. The name indicates a “simply shaped robot” that everyone imagines. Robonoid was designed by pursuing a simple appearance and simple functionality.

Robonoid Lineup


Hudi is a robot kit consisting control boards, servomotors and accessories that you can put together yourself. You do not need any technical knowledge and special tools. What you need to build this robot is just a screwdriver. When you complete it, Hudi is approx.20[cm] tall and weighs approx.450[g] with 18 joints and it is highly maneuverable.

3D data for the main components of the robot are provided at free of charge. Thus, using a 3D printer, anyone can customize the data and make their own original parts.

The control board of Hudi is an Arduino compatible control. Gadget lovers can easily do some programming and add function to Hudi.

Control board for ROS MiddleWare are also lined up. Technical experts and researchers will be able to conduct fully-fledged robot development.

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Robonoid went on sale in 2016 and two hundred models were made and sold. There are still no other small humanoid robots that can roller-skate and skateboard like Robonoid.

Robonoid is Robonoid reprinted edition. It has been released in commemoration of the beginning of Hudi.

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Robonoid Specification

Clock Rate 16[MHz]
Degrees of Freedom (Joints) Total 18 (Max. 21)
Ports OTA (debug USB)
Communication Interface WiFi SMART
Time Is Operation 25[Minutes] (MAX)